Motion: noun, the act or state of moving, a single movement or gesture.

Emotion: noun, the moving of the mind by a strong feeling of any kind.

Beauty: noun, a quality very pleasant to the eye, ears, etc... 


I want to take you on a journey, a quest for beauty, a game to catch motion, a time out to enjoy and respect emotions. I want to share this moment with you, discover what makes your heart beat, give this tresor the right light to shine and let this moment become a unique one for you and me.




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Hello !

It’s a pleasure to present myself here. I’m Vic; I enjoy life, taking pictures, traveling and making you laugh.

I got fascinated from the power of photography to freeze motion and how emotions can tell stories. So I dived deep into it, to understand and feel how I could tell new stories with passion.

I always see opposite as best matches, so I enjoy combinig things and make bordes melt to discover new perspectives.

I’d love to know about your projects and think together how I can help you to catch your memories.




World of Montainbike, Redbull

Sportograf, OuiFlash, Black Forest Collective

Aevor, Scarpa, Holdbreaker, Vivobarfoot, Ecobrotbox, SoSolid, Nomoa

Boulderkitchen, Blockhaus Freiburg

Nada Nada, Underdog Surfhouse

Gebetshaus Augsburg

Novatris, Albert Ludwig Universität Freiburg

Assisting Michael Wissing, Andreas Lörcher, Pierre Chauffour, Claudia Thomas, Michael Chiaretta





+49 176/47161657