Hey There!

It’s a pleasure to present myself. I’m Vic; adventure seeker, joy lover, color gatherer, detail celebrator, beauty investigator.

My fahter always told me to think outside the box to solve my math exercices. I didn’t became a big fan of thinking in the box   I love to be on the line in between two things, to mix them and make it work together. I'm curious and I love andventure, so I try to always be always looking for new good matches. 

My fascination for photography comes from the power it has to freeze the moment, the movement. it is a powerful tool to tell stories, a beautiful way to work as an artisan. I love to dive down this world where details, emotions and colours dance together to make you smile.

I consider myself as an artisan, with my pictures and a good media designer I’m sure we could bring you message to light. My photography is joyful, colourful, playful, careful with details without forgetting the bigger picture. I care more about people and the story they tell, then the lies around us. My rolle is to make those stories speak for them self.

I would be a pleasure to work with you on the things you care about!


Anything you want to talk about? Please get in touch, it would be a pleasure to hear from you! 

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