Hey There!

It’s a pleasure to present myself. I’m Vic; adventure seeker, joy lover, color gatherer, detail lover and beauty investigator. Little pirate that feel home with little, I speak French, German and English fluently, artisan by soul, I love to catch emotion on the fly, get people to levitate and stories to get told.

My father always told me to think outside the box to solve my math exercises. My mom teaches me tom be curious, ask questions, and embrace the world. Together they showed me how to exciting discovery can be, how to celebrate life and why we should remember moments spend together.  This was the cement to build my playground on, and get the world rollin’!

My fascination for photography comes from the power it has to freeze the moment, the movement. With a camera I can disappear, just waiting for the perfect moment to catch emotions and make details, emotions and colours dance together to make you smile. Put things into focus, tell truth, play with colours and motion, get your project together to something amazing we will remember!


Anything you want to talk about? Please get in touch, it would be a pleasure to hear from you! 

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