The city of dreams, Lisbon (EN)


Open invitation to dream

Lisbon, EN

With Aevor


One year ago, I came spontaneously to Portugal to meet some friends and surf. It was my first time in Portugal. I had no expectations at all and I felt in love with this country. 

This year, we decided to return to this magic place and enjoy the feeling of freedom. 

We hear a lot about Lisbon nowadays. Everybody has os is going to travel to this place. 

With Aevor with decided to try to discover some untold stories about the city, The places where history is celebrated and new history is written. Places where cultures meet, where colours express themself, places to meet, places to rest, places to enjoy, places to live. 

Build on 7 hills, the city is made for walking. Giant playground of steeps streets and stairs where surprises are not shy. 

Life happened in the streets, flowers, plants, laundry to dry, funny memorials, sharing a beer on the evening, people are not shy to live and share joy with each other. Most of the Portugueses I met where really kind, willing to help and had always good advices for me. I met a lot of nice and funny people during this trip and we had an incredible party at some hidden bar. \


Lisbon is definitely famous for his art scene. So I took the bus to visit Praça de Prata. A part of the city where you can find an art gallery in every street. Some Ateliers also open their doors and I meet really fantastic people. This little journey through the less touristic part of the city was a beautiful release for my mind. Visit the Galleria Francisco Fino, let them show you the collection of the gallery and the private collection in the cave, then hop on to the atelier of Tomaz Hipolito Studio and enjoy having a look at the creative processes. Afterwards, treat yourself in the bar and maybe stay of the DJ session? 


If you ask the right person, they will tell you the stories about the coffeeshops that closes on the evening and down stairs hosted the wildest parties without getting catched by the police. This party culture is still really present in Lisbon. To enjoy the old history of the night scene, visit the Pink street by night and try to discover how many night clubs they where in the streets. 


Should we take about Belem? The Pastels, the Church, the Maat, the big conquistador statue, all things that you should see for sure. But also take the time to enjoy the streets of Belem. The ones with a lot of living history. A lot of Portuguese still live here and are not afraid to show you the art of living. Of course you should spend some time at the LXfactory. Give yourself the time to enjoy this beautiful and creative atmosphere here. Art collaboration is at his highest, enjoy the Portuguese sense of design, the joy of colours and the special way they have to make tiny places feels like home. This place isn’t just a market place, this is also a coworking space and a Startup studio. If you are curious, enter a building and walk some stairs up, you should be able to feel the creative and working spirit in this place. Don’t forget to have a look at the library Ler Devagar, you still enjoy the old way of printing ans learn a lot about Portuguese writing history. 

A lot of people are willing to answer you questions, be curious to ask about their stories 😉 


If you want more cool stories about the city, explore the almafo neighbourhood. The streets are beautiful, real, and made by nobody else than the locals that lives here. Enjoy the tiny looks into the kitchens, the delicious smells, the magic stairs to the castel. 

Go for some steep stairs through the Braixo quarter, there is so many different things to discover in Lisbon, my google maps is full with pins I would love to talk about. Go for a walk though Bairro Alto, enjoy the labyrinthine streets, the beautiful view, little shops and a peaceful atmosphere. If you want to discover more design influences of the moment, visit the Principal Real quarter, there is so many beautiful shops and the best ice cream shop, Mannella, I recommend to trust the flavour of the day.

If you are with some friends and you want to enjoy the traditional way of living, go to the Time out market. This is an old market rebuild by time out (feel free to think about tourism disadvantages here) let each of you choose one dish and share every thing together and make your own tapas evening. Grab a beer and enjoy the fresh air at the port by night. Lime home. 


Lisbon is a city with heart, where life happened. A city where history and art meet. You might have the brightest sun, the best ice cream, a beautiful time with people that are important to you, reset your mind, rest and create. Lisbon is a invitation to take your dreams for reality, to enjoy freedom and feel connected to the people around you. 

  • Second hand shop

A Outro Face da Lua

R. Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa

  • Artisanal Work with tradition 

Somas Ideas

100, R. dos Fanqueiros 98, 1100-404 Lisboa

  • Pasterilla 

Pasteis de Belem

R. de Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa

The line outside is for the Pasteis to go, have sit, don’t wait in the room in the back. 

  • Chlothing Shop

Sun of a Gun

R. da Assunção 107, 1100-043 Lisboa

  • Museum

One little secret I want to share with you. There is a little Museum, really tiny and really cheap. This is a doll hospital since 1830. This is also the biggest collection of Doll in Europe with 4 000 Dolls. This is a travel though history, and though Europe. I really visited something a special as this. Full with details, made with love and care, an open door into family secrets and broken peaces of friendship. 

Hospital das Bonecas

Praça da figueira 7, Lisboa

Some of my favourites: 

  • For a little coffee:


R. da Escola Politécnica 85-87, 1200-279 Lisboa

  • For Lunch


Rua de S. Julião 70, 1100-048 Lisboa

  • For Dinner

Terverna Rua da Flora

Rua das Flores 103, 1200-213 Lisboa

Be prepared to wait a little for a table.

  • For a drink

Park, just google it ;)